Who We Serve

Exceed Consulting provides expert service to many types of industries across Michigan.


We supply the expertise necessary for security and innovation in accounting practices. You can trust us with your accounting firm’s IT needs. Start planning for success.


Managed IT services are quickly becoming a requirement for all construction firms. Exceed Consulting is up to the task of meeting your needs in the new and changing landscape.


Are you looking to boost your IT staff’s efficiency or manage the ongoing maintenance of your systems? Let’s talk about the best cloud technology and security for your healthcare organization.

Insurance and Investing

Our managed services ensure that your IT staff has the resources they need to provide you with the support you need, whether on-site hardware and software support or remote technical support.


Exceed has helped many manufacturers solve complex IT problems with our unique, end-to-end IT solutions. We provide cohesive IT services and solutions for your business.


We work with you to improve communications and security and improve your bottom line through innovation in retail establishments. Excellent, modern, innovative IT, it’s the best of both worlds – the physical and the virtual.