Due to the massive increase in Cyber Attacks in Michigan, Exceed is taking a proactive approach to protecting our customers better. Although you may have backups, snapshots, anti-virus, anti-spam, a good firewall, there are means to breach. The old way of thinking you are good enough will not suffice today. There have been many attacks on many Grand Rapids prominent businesses in the last year alone.


You have one server or service system in a state capable of comprising via a port scan or email phishing attempt, and an attacker is inside your network.

Systems that generally are compromised are email, voice, fax, HVAC, or other 3rd party systems that tend to go unpatched. Workstations can be any user’s Workstation that has email. Once an attacker has malware loaded, they circumvent anti-virus with zero-day malware in areas where others run applications. If and when this malware detects and elevates users’ permission, such as domain admin, they start their attack. They will trickle your data to an offsite Server for later extortion. Next, they will hit you near a holiday or weekend to encrypt all data files and delete all backup files. Even if you have offsite backups, are they accessible by Domain Admin credentials? If they are, then they can and will be deleted.

Desired attacker situation, you have no backups to restore from, and all your servers and workstations are unusable from encryption.

You can typically pay a ransom and get your data back $500,000 to $2,000,000 if your company is sizable with a post-cleanup of months.


Engage Exceed now to look at your current security measures and recommend security best practices and different levels of security to protect you from ransomware.

A Security Review will include evaluation of the following areas.

  • Corporate infrastructure and windows assessment for vulnerabilities
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Inspection
  • Devices
  • Services
  • Current Ransomware Response Plan

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