Don’t let downtime take you down.

Manufacturing environments often require IT professionals that are a jack-of-all-trades to meet the many unique and complex challenges. Without a qualified team of IT professionals, staying competitive and profitable is difficult. Exceed brings all of this to the table with our solutions umbrella.

Downtime costs productivity and costs you money. The truth of the matter is that nobody wants interruptions in their workflow, and downtime can cause a chain reaction of other issues. Exceed Consulting is here to reduce downtime in your network. Ultimately, downtime is inevitable. Issues trickle over into your system without warning, and you won’t have the time to react. Our team helps you develop a proactive response to the problems that cause downtime in your network. We are here to help. Protect your systems with a layered security approach. Reduce electrical issues with power protection and update hardware and software on a scheduled deployment cycle.

Continuous improvement isn’t just for manufacturing.

We provide experienced IT services and equipment installation for manufacturing companies in West Michigan. Through our Managed IT Services, we offer the expertise necessary for innovation, security, and stability in Manufacturing environments. Our diverse team will supply you with qualified professionals that can help you grow and reach your goals.

How Exceed Consulting meets your needs.

With over 25 years of experience working in and with industrial environments, our team understands the need for continuous improvement.

Managed IT Services benefit the manufacturing environment by:

  • Supplying the expertise necessary for innovation.
  • Providing security and stability.
  • Integrating inventory applications.
  • Implementing materials and enterprise management software.
  • Installing and supporting computerized maintenance management systems.
  • Improving CAD solutions and document control.

The constant stress of manufacturing environments affects productivity at every level. The annual increases in demand for manufacturing require business leaders to stay on top of their game. Exceed Consulting offers services to help your company achieve its goals and stay ahead of the competition. We work to understand your goals, your vision, and your resources. We create a custom-tailored plan to help you accomplish your objectives. Our services include:

  • Custom IT Services
  • Implementing Computerized Maintenance Management Systems
  • IT Infrastructure Support
  • Software Installation
  • Scheduled Server Maintenance

Exceed Consulting offers a wide range of consulting services to help your business become more efficient. We work closely with you to develop and implement a plan that meets your needs. We work with you to design, test, and report on processes and systems to meet your desired outcomes.

Modern manufacturing facilities remain highly competitive by investing in the future with managed IT services to provide the high quality of service required to stay ahead of their rivals and grow their business. We believe that managed IT services are vital to your success in the manufacturing environment. The unique needs of this industry require expert knowledge of technology and business strategy to keep up with innovation, security, and stability. With managed IT services from Exceed Consulting, you can put your best foot forward for success.

Available when you need us.

When manufacturing environments lack proper IT infrastructure and project management, the potential benefits of the workforce are lost. Inefficient processes lead to bottlenecks in workflow and unreliable results. Lost productivity costs money but also wastes time and effort. Manufacturing is a very competitive environment with constant pressure.

Businesses like yours need to invest in new technologies and new ways of working to succeed. They also need to employ a skilled and well-equipped workforce aware of the latest trends and technology. Your team needs to work effectively together to achieve the best results. To do this, they need a solid IT infrastructure and project management capable of responding quickly to changes and unplanned situations. Companies that work together to share information, promote best practices, and deliver consistent results will stand a better chance of succeeding in the current manufacturing environment.

It’s not enough to provide excellent products on the shelves or in fulfillment centers. Modern manufacturing environments need the backing of cloud storage, advanced cybersecurity infrastructure, and infrastructure monitoring to keep product integrity and customer satisfaction high.

If you’re looking for IT solutions that are reliable and professional, look no further than Exceed Consulting. We have experts available to assist and manage your network, so you don’t have to worry about the consequences of missed deadlines and unplanned downtime. Our experts identify and troubleshoot network and security problems and improve system reliability.