The Right Support Provider for Your Accounting Business

The Choice is Clear.

It’s more than just support services; it’s the latest technology, the industry’s best experts on staff, and ongoing training. Accounting firms must look for new ways to stay competitive; the rate of change happening in this field is staggering.

As a forward-thinking accounting firm, you want all your professionals equipped with the tools they need to grow their business – both today AND in the future. Exceed Consulting believes this, too.

Who is Exceed Consulting?

Exceed Consulting can provide your company with the technology support your accountants need and the expertise and efficiency from years of experience working within public and private companies.

So what does this mean for clients?

We’ll work closely with your team so you can focus on your business, leaving no stone unturned in helping you reach your goals.

As the name suggests, Exceed Consulting is a consulting company specializing in technology and strategic business solutions. We want to take a moment to highlight some of the reasons why Exceed Consulting is the right support provider for your accounting business.

  • Support Services: For any business owner, there are a lot of risks involved with managing day-to-day operations for an accounting function. Even if an owner has a background or skill set related to accounting, it doesn’t mean they can perform all tasks as efficiently as possible. The same is true with technology.
  • Expertise: Technology expertise only comes from those who dedicate their time and energy to specific areas such as servers, networks, audit assistance, security, and end-user assistance.

Clients, Capabilities, and Strategy.

Industry estimates show clients spend approximately $80 billion on technology and outsourcing services annually. The demand for technology support services continues to grow as companies outsource more and more functions to vendors.

The three main components of a technology services organization are clients, capabilities, and strategy. A company that addresses the three main components of an accounting services organization will provide technology services that benefit your clients.

Our clients are accounting firms and the clients of those accounting firms.

Good support is worth more than money.

Like accounting professionals, technology support services are the backbone of any business, making our team of technology professionals a vital resource for any firm that offers accounting services. We help accounting firms build the best technology to support their businesses, which allows them to become more competitive and save time and money.

The services we provide include:

  • Support for existing technologies and systems.

  • Development of new technology solutions and services.

  • Discover the best technologies for their businesses to increase their competitive advantage.

  • We help companies with their day-to-day technology problems.

Outsourced technology services enable transformation.

What makes Exceed Consulting the best technical support service provider in the accounting industry is our ability to provide the most cost-effective technology solutions to our clients. In today’s business environment, technology solutions are a requirement for success. Exceed Consulting has over 15 years of experience providing innovative technology solutions. We design our offerings to provide a solutions umbrella to our clients. Exceed Consulting has the solutions for your business – Accounting, Human Resources, Customer Service, and more.

Outsourced support can save you time and money.

An essential part of your business is keeping track of your technology resources. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by complex network infrastructures. Outsourced support can save you time and money by taking the work out of your data management.

Exceed Consulting has the right services for your needs. We work closely with you to identify your business needs and tailor the right services to your unique requirements. We can also assist you with your technology needs, including infrastructure, application, and data management.

How Exceed Consulting differentiates itself.

Managed IT Services provide an effective way to maintain technology resources and accounting software. The security of your financial systems, from communication and data storage to documents and transactions.

  • Scalable Software Solutions and Support
  • Flexible Technology Options.
  • Pro-active monitoring and maintenance.

When it comes to technology, we understand that you have a choice. You provide the expertise in accounting; we bring the technology experts. We understand your needs, your challenges, and your priorities.

Exceed Consulting can build the best solutions to meet your requirements. Our staff engineers work with and support:

  • Sage Accounting
  • Intuit Quickbooks
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • CCH Axcess
  • And more.

Year-Round Availability.

Exceed Consulting provides year-round services. Our consultants can respond to your questions, with our dedicated support staff available during the week. On-call support is available on a premium as-needed basis.

Exceed Consulting guarantees our contract customers a response within four hours, 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Exceed Consulting provides the highest customer service and support available to the accounting industry.

Our team has the knowledge and experience to assist you in obtaining, analyzing, and applying technology solutions.