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Have you been planning to replace your company’s obsolete phone system? 3CX can eliminate the stress of maintenance and deployment.

3CX Core Features

Install 3CX on your server using Hyper-V, VMware, or KVM. For smaller implementations, install 3CX on a low-cost Raspberry Pi or a PBX machine from Intel NUC, Shuttle, Zotac Zbox, or Gigabyte.

Reduce your phone bill by up to 80 percent. Mobile staff can make and receive calls using the 3CX softphone or mobile app. Easily connect telephones at remote offices and allow inter-office telephone calls free of charge. International DIDs and IP Telephony allow customers to call you conveniently and inexpensively. Improve user and customer satisfaction.

Quickly deploy to your cloud provider. A simple Linux VPS host on your preferred hosting platform can help to consolidate and control monthly fees per PBX or install with a 3CX hosting partner.

Built-in chat, web calling, smartphones apps for Android and iOS, softphone for Windows and Mac, and web client create a unified communication platform.

Integrated web conferencing with remote control, multiple hosts, chat, file sharing, unlimited hosts, and free for up to 250 attendees are included with video, voice, polling, and recording. No plug-ins or application installation is needed.

The 3CX call center integrates with more than twenty popular customer resource management tools, including Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshdesk, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, Nutshell, and more.

3CX integrates new features to improve your overall communication footprint. One of the new features is integration with websites that can improve customer interactions that can easily convert chat sessions to voice or video calls with your visitors.

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